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Sunny Notes has finished its operation on December 31, 2013 because of the pension of the Managing Director.
TV Productions, videos, AV education and performance training, concerts etc. for 16,5 years (1997-2013).

On these pages one can still find pieces from the history of Finnish TV production, video production and AV training since 1966 through 2013.

Thanks to all co-workers and performers!

arrow Sunny Notes Oy was an independent production company, mainly producing music and entertainment programmes and documentaries for Finnish and international TV channels.
The company specialised in large, versatile multi-camera productions.

One of the productions of Sunny Notes, The Jukka Linkola Tentet, was selected to the final of Golden Rose Festival ’99 in Montreux, Switzerland.

arrow Erkki Pohjanheimo has worked for a considerable time as an Executive Producer, Producer, Director and Head of Light Entertainment at YLE TV1. He also teaches extensively in various AV areas. Nowadays, he is the Managing Director of Sunny Notes. Erkki Pohjanheimo has worked with versatile music and entertainment programmes.
He has produced and directed numerous international artists' concerts and TV shows, such as: Benny Goodman, Sarah Vaughan, Lionel Hampton, Spencer Davis Group, Mikis Theodorakis, Natalie Cole, Jose Carreras, Montserrat Caballe, King's Singers, Vanessa Mae and Johnny Logan, to mention a few.

In 1995, Erkki Pohjanheimo produced three sizeable TV shows for TVRI, Indonesian TV in Jakarta, covering The Indonesia International Song Festival.

Erkki Pohjanheimo has organised many Lavatähti Song Contests in Finland and he has worked as a jury member in several Finnish and international song contests.

Recently Erkki Pohjanheimo has produced and directed documentaries for YLE TV 1, like Lasten Sairaala (Children's Hospital), Elämä asuntovaunussa (A Life in a Trailer), A Man with 100 Dogs (Sadan koiran mies), Under the Lucky Stars (Onnellisten tähtien alla) Against the Wind Mills (Tuulimyllyjä päin) and Jewels from Curly Birch and Great Sallow (Visaa ja raitaa koruiksi). In June 2001 he also directed the first Merikanto Song Contest for MTV3 (Owl). In 2004 Erkki Pohjanheimo produced and directed the celebration concerts of singer Eino Grön and composer Kaj Chydenius for YLE TV2. A Celebration concert of KOM Theatre was on the air in 2007 on YLE TV2. In 2009 Erkki Pohjanheimo produced and directed an opera of President Risto Ryti named Prisoner of Freedom for the Finnish Chamber Opera. The recording has been released on a sales DVD in March 2009. Latest opera recording is A Woman Like Frozen Champagne by Ilkka Kuusisto. The opera tells a story of a Finnish writer Aino Kallas.

In 2001-2002 and 2005-2008 Erkki Pohjanheimo runs a six month Course for Multi-camera Directors, in Adulta aRTO (Adulta Radio and Television Institute). Since 2003 he runs a two weeks Multi-camera Music Directing Course twice a year in Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia (Later: Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences/ Film and TV).


arrow Mervi Pohjanheimo has started as a Producer and Director in Sunny Notes in October 2001. She has made a succesful and long career in MTV3 (Owl). Mervi specialises big multicamera productions. She has produced and directed among other things Tangomarkkinat (Tango Festival) already for many years.
Mervi Pohjanheimo has awarded two Venla Prizes (a Finnish TV Oscar) for Viktor Klimenko and Anita Hirvonen documentaries.

Natalie Cole -Concert in Turku, Finland 1992 (YLE TV1)

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Super Concert 1991:
Jose Carreras & Monserrat Caballé
in Turku (YLE TV1)



Trio Töykeät (The Rotten Trio)
EBU Jazz Night 1994 (YLE TV1)

AB Three/Indonesia International
Song Festival 1995 (YLE TV1)





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